Welcome to Razzperri's ARG Of Endless Endeavors!

ARG Tutorial:

To complete this ARG, you will have to complete 4 ordered steps

Each step will contain one or more image(s), audio file(s), or text file(s)

to complete each step, you must find a "solution" to each piece of media, these solutions are usually found using cryptography, ciphers, or other means

Each step's solution will be added onto the URL such as endlessendeavors.neocities.org/STEP1 or endlessendeavors.neocities.org/STEP2

image files will have a .png at the end of the URL

audio files will have .mp3, .wav, or .mp4

text files will have .txt

EXAMPLE: endlessendeavors.neocities.org/IMAGE.png

Step hints:

Step 0: Scroll up

Step 1: Black pixel white pixel

Step 2: Make sure to double check capital letters!

Step 3: Introducing the new font! red!

Step 4: This step is too hard for hints